Guide to celebrating Easter with IBS


After several winter months, we are all longing for brighter days. Longer daylight and birds chirping signal that spring is on its way. With spring comes the Easter holiday. Time to celebrate with friends and family. Like many other holidays, there is a lot of focus on food, which can cause problems for people with IBS or simply lead to an upset stomach.

Here we offer you some simple tips and recipes to keep your stomach happy and calm during this upcoming Easter weekend.

Eat in the right way

When the time for the Easter buffet or other Easter food comes, make sure to eat smaller portions. It is better to have more servings than everything all at once.

If you suffer from IBS or an upset stomach, it’s usually more about HOW you eat rather than WHAT you eat. Smaller portions and regular meal times are the basis of managing IBS. So how to eat right during Easter?

  • Choose dishes that your stomach can handle. If you know some ingredients cause you problems, make sure to avoid them.
  • Chew the food well and cut it into smaller pieces. It can make it easier for your stomach to digest.
  • Eat slowly. It takes a while to feel full, so eat slowly to avoid overeating.
  • Be careful with carbonated drinks, especially if you tend to get stomach aches or feel bloated.

What about all the delicious cakes and desserts? Should you avoid them altogether?

An excessive sugar intake can have several unwanted effects, not only on your IBS. Eating sweet foods can be a part of a balanced diet but it is important to not overdo it. Pick your favourite cake and get a piece as a dessert.

Stress less and enjoy the Easter holidays

Try to reduce stress. We often stress about small things like not having time to clean the house, mow the garden, wash the car, make Easter decorations, etc. This Easter, take care of yourself first and your stomach will feel better too. Unnecessary stress can make your IBS symptoms worse.

Physical activity is good for the stomach

Exercise can help sluggish stomachs get a little momentum. For those who are bothered by excessive gas, physical activity can often help make it easier to remove gas or even relieve abdominal bloating. Starting to exercise does not require buying a gym card, workout clothes, and jogging a mile every day, it’s also the walk you otherwise wouldn’t have taken that counts. Or the quick steps you take up the stairs. Anything that involves moving more than usual is exercise. Start gently and to make it more pleasant, take a walk with your loved ones or go to a new destination that might be worth exploring. This Easter activity could be beneficial for everyone!

Tips and recipes for the Easter buffet

Here you can download a pdf with tips and recipes for the Easter menu recommended by a dietician:

Easter tips for IBS stomachs

If your Easter celebration involves drinking alcohol, you may also want to read more about alcohol and the stomach.

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